Open Gates Group’s Charitable Foundation Sponsors the Boys & Girls Club of Cedar Rapids Fish-O-Rama Event




Open Gates Business Development Corporation’s foundation, The Fountain Charitable Foundation, located just outside Kalona, Iowa, is sponsoring the 14th Annual Fish-O-Rama event hosted by the Boys & Girls Club of Cedar Rapids, August 6-7, 2016. Fish-O-Rama is a family-friendly fishing event where participants have an opportunity to catch a tagged fish to win prizes, including a 2016 Toyota Tundra!

This year’s event will also feature a number of kid friendly activities such as a free throw shooting contest, a kids casting contest, a bounce house, and Nascar display to name a few.  The event will take place at Robins Lake in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just off the corner of Edgewood Road and Ellis Boulevard. All proceeds from Fish-O- Rama go directly to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids.

The Fountain Foundation and Open Gates Business Development Corporation, more commonly known as Open Gates Group, have a mission to create value and enhance lives. One way they do this is by improving life in the community. Employees of Open Gates Group can elect to have a portion of each paycheck go to the Fountain Foundation Donation Fund, which allows them to give back to their local communities.

For more information on the Fountain Charitable Foundation visit,


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