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Provision Ingredients is not just a broker. We have our own Organic Ingredient Products, Farms, Production Facilities, Trucking, Logistics, and Distribution companies plus deep experience in building national and regional brands.

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Solutions for Manufacturers & Start-Ups

Provision Ingredients has been supplying manufacturers with high quality, organic, bulk dairy ingredients since 2012.

3 Types of Solutions

Manufacturers with a crisis?
Get immediate, customized solutions to your organic dairy ingredient crisis. Learn more...
Do you have a new Product or Company?
Get expert advice on sourcing organic dairy ingredients & manufacturing processes.
New! Online Store selling Ghee.
Perfect for boutique production, food service, and private users.

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Organic dairy ingredients 

Not a typical broker...

01 [Our Farms]

We have exclusive dairy contracts with over 65 farms and working relationships with 500 more.

02 [Our Production]

We have our own production facilities and can customize our processes in ways most big companies won't or can't.

03 [Our Trucking] 03

Our own trucking and logistics operations allow us to get ingredients to you on your specific timeline.

Deep Supply Chain Experience

Brokers don't have the experience we do. Yes, we have all kinds of sources but we also have deep experience with building our companies including national and regional brands. 

We know what it's like to take an idea, develop a product, build facilities to produce it, source ingredients for it for almost 20 years, distribute, market, and sell it.

We understand those challenges, and it's why we may be a perfect partner for you whether you are a large or mid-sized manufacturer that is having an ingredient crisis, or a start-up in early stages of company and product development.

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