Improving Life in Our Community: A Year in Review




A Year in Review

At Open Gates Group, we strive to improve life in our community. Giving back to our community helps it prosper and aids in making it a better place to live and grow. Join us as we look back at the many organizations and events we supported in 2018.


Here at Open Gates Group we love supporting local causes, and our employees do too! We formed The Fountain Foundation which supports several area organizations and events. Employees can elect part of each paycheck to go to the foundation. We were pleased to support the following organizations in 2018:

It Doesn’t Stop There!

Kalona Organics, a member of the Open Gates Group Family, also supports local organizations. This supports the community with Kalona SuperNatural product donations. Check out their 2018 year in review.

About the author, Sam Ingersoll

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