Open Gates Group’s Charitable Foundation ‘Showers’ the Johnson County Crisis Center




Open Gates Business Development Corporation’s foundation, The Fountain Charitable Foundation, located just outside Kalona, Iowa, ‘showered’ the Johnson County Crisis center with baby diapers, wipes, food and formula in April. The “Shower the Crisis Center” campaign is just one way the Johnson County Crisis Center supports eastern Iowa individuals and families in that are in need.

The Fountain Foundation and Open Gates Business Development Corporation, more commonly known as Open Gates Group, have a mission to create value and enhance lives. One way they do this is by improving life in the community. Employees of Open Gates Group can elect to have a portion of each paycheck go to the Fountain Foundation Donation Fund, which allows them to give back to their local communities.

“Our employees are happy to support an organization like Johnson County Crisis Center that is constantly providing excellent tools, resources and supplies to people in need,” said Sara Rissi, Fountain Committee member.

For more information on the Fountain Charitable Foundation visit,


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