Renewable Resources Solar-farm-300x225

A solar farm in Frytown, Iowa, provides 100% renewable energy for Frytown Properties. Frytown Properties is currently providing warehouse and distribution services for Awesome Refrigerated Transit of Iowa (ARTI), a sister company to Farmers Creamery that transports Kalona SuperNaturalproducts and provides transportation services to other customers.

Utilize Local Resources

Farmers Creamery, makers of Kalona SuperNatural products, proactively source and use as many local resources as possible. For example, fresh local well water is used for plant operations.

Made with Wind Energy

Our cartons not only protect our butter from the elements, but are also recyclable and environmentally friendly—made using 100% wind energy. 


Support Local Vendors

We source and encourage the use of small, local vendors when possible. We find it extremely important to sustain the local economy by supporting local businesses. Below are a handful of local vendors we work with:

  • Kalona Tire- Kalona, Iowa
  • Kalona Oil- Kalona, Iowa
  • JM Swank- North Liberty, Iowa
  • Home Gas- Wellman, Iowa
  • Millers Milk Moovers- Riverside, Iowa
  • Earls- Kalona, Iowa
  • Walter G. Anderson- Newton, Iowa
  • Grace Label- Des Moines, Iowa
  • Kalona Lawn Care- Kalona, Iowa
  • Big River Equipment- Bettendorf, Iowa
  • Hersberger Oil- Kalona, Iowa
  • Ross Refrigeration- Kalona, Iowa
  • Carr Construction- Kalona, Iowa
  • Cedar Rapids Tool and Dye- Marion, Iowa
  • Charlies Welding- Tiffin, Iowa
  • SJM Trucking LLC- Brighton, Iowa
  • Slabuagh Trucking- Kalona, Iowa
  • The Water Shop- Frytown, Iowa
  • Dan’s Overhead Door- North Liberty, Iowa