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You want a great job that is also close to your home, but the best jobs seem to be too far away. Not any more! Come work with us in Kalona where the pay and benefits are good, the people are great, and big opportunities in our small companies are endless!

16 Great Jobs near Kalona

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Open Gates Group

Admin Support Specialist

Open Gates Group

Staff Accountant

Open Gates Group

Quality Technician

Open Gates Group

Maintenance Technician


Kalona Farms

Bulk Milk Receiving 1st/2nd

Farmers Creamery

Production Team: 1st Shift

Farmers Creamery

Production Team:

2nd Shift

Farmers Creamery

Production Team 3rd Shift


Awesome Transportation

Class A CDL OTR & Regional: Full Time

Awesome Transportation

Class A CDL OTR & Regional: Part Time

Awesome Logistics

Owner Operators: OTR & Regional

Awesome Logistics

Freight Logistics Coordinator


Open Gates Group

Social Media Marketing

Open Gates Group

Website Content Management

Open Gates Group

Livestream Video Production

Open Gates Group

Regenerative Agriculture

Recently Filled Positions

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Open Gates Group

Customer Service Specialist

Kalona Direct

Delivery Driver & Sales

Open Gates Group


Kalona Direct

Purchasing Specialist

People like working here...

Kalona Creamery

Butter Production

Farmers Creamery

Process Improvement

Kalona Creamery

Production Team - Kalona Creamery

Kalona SuperNatural

Sales Representative

More cool but filled jobs...

Kalona Creamery

Fleet Manager

Frytown Warehouse

Warehouse Team

Open Gates Group

Business Development Mgr

Kalona Creamery

Retail Store Team

Big Opportunities with Small Companies that can Change Your Life.

You want a job that helps you improve your life and that's closer to home, but nothing seems to be the right fit.

Our small companies offer a lot of opportunity in an unusually supportive work environment. In particular, your experience working in our production and trucking companies will be very different from what you may have experienced before. Here's how:

1. Flexibility and support for your personal life. 

Having a family crisis? Need a second chance? Our managers and team members help each other get through stressful times in life.

2. Do you have good ideas that are usually not listened too?

Our managers constantly listen to front line team members for ways to improve the work environment and how to do things more effectively.

3. Do you like to get really really good at one thing and just do it all the time.

Some people like to stay in roles that allow them to do one thing really well. They like to come in, do their job, and then focus on their personal lives. In some other companies, these folks are looked down up. We love "focused experts."

For example, we don't know what we'd do without Dakota who manages and stacks pallets all day long. If he didn't do his job so well, we'd have all kinds of back-ups in our production, warehouse, and trucking areas. 

4. Do you like to learn and do different things? Do you hate being bored?

We have so many companies and different types of processes that you'll never be bored, and learn new things every week. You'll get an insider look at dairy production, quality processes, machine maintenance, trucking, warehousing, distribution - and even some finance, marketing and sales.

Open Gates companies are good places to figure out what you really want to do and get good at it.

5. Opportunities to grow and move into management.

Front line team members who want to take on management roles are given leadership and technical training that allows them to advance quickly. All of our businesses were started by entrepreneurial people with a passion, and managed by people who are ambitious.

6. Your life will be improved by your time here no matter how long you stay.

We don't expect you to stay with our company forever - although a lot of people have! We guarantee that what you learn here - in terms of technical training, communication, and management - will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Over our history, people who leave Open Gates for non-performance related reasons, have taken huge leaps in their career with other companies. Some team members have even used things they've learned here to improve their parenting and marriages. 🙂

So why not take a chance on applying? Or at least a quick conversation with our HR Director, Tara?

She's super-friendly and will happily give you great advice whether or not you want to officially apply.