Marketing Internships

You want to find a marketing job after graduation and get paid well while doing something you love, but you need more hands-on experience.  At Open Gates, we can design an internship based on your interests, skills, and time. You will get to work on real projects that create real results for real businesses. This is what will guarantee that you will be irresistible to employers and get a great job after graduation.

We can CUSTOMIZE an internship based on your interests and availability or you can apply for one of the ones we have created.

Specific Positions: Customized for You or See Below
Hours: 5 - 40 per week (on site or remote) depending on your schedule, interests, or class requirements.
Pay: Unpaid to Paid depending on skill, reliability and results.
Potential: Hiring once value demonstrated is possible or you will be able to get a job somewhere else easily.
How to Apply: Use the form below.
Types of Projects: What do you want to do?

  • Social Media Content: Create fun and interesting videos and graphics.
  • Influencer Management: Identify fans and develop joint promotional partnerships.
  • Video Editing: Let someone else be on camera. Slice and dice video with graphics.
  • Product Photography: White background, beauty shots, livestyle photography. Cows too.
  • Livestream Video: Scheduling guests, running the studio, and post-production editing.
  • Website SEO: Discover how Google ranks website pages and make yours better.
  • Writing: Use Artificial Intelligence to research and write content for websites.
  • Graphic Design: Use graphic design skills to sell products and tell stories.
  • Online Advertising: Got a brain for statistics and art? Learn how to advertise on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Social Media Sales: Got quick thumbs? Chat non-stop with our fans and customers.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are booming again. Produce them. Convert livestream videos into podcasts.
  • Email Marketing: Create email newsletters for businesses. Track and improve results.
  • Website Content Management: Create and upload photo, video, and text content to websites built on WordPress, the platform used by 75% of businesses.
  • Brand Development: Discover how to create a brand story and develop one for a real business.

I had a wonderful experience working at Open Gates last summer. I worked mostly on social media and website graphics, but also started the Kalona SuperNatural label redesign on products that are now in 3,500 stores nationwide. Sam was great to work with and was extremely flexible in helping me meet a critical class requirement. 

Rachael Hovde

Iowa State Univ

Social Media Marketing Internship

Do you live on social media and would love to get paid for it, but you don’t know where to start?

Companies are dying to hire people who can keep up with all the latest social media platform changes and produce funny, interesting content - spontaneously and on schedule.

In this internship, you’ll learn how to do all of that. You will get instant access to insider secrets and the best training in the country. You will do real work on real projects for real businesses that get real results — and become irresistible to employers.

Our social media content focuses mostly on food, people, cows and farms, but we are dying to try some funny things on TikTok.

Website Creation & Content Management Internship

Are you a creative person who likes to take photos, do graphic design, shoot videos, and even write?

Have you thought about a job in marketing but are unsure which field to focus on? Here’s a secret — Websites and their content are the foundation of the marketing world.

In this internship, you will do all kinds of creative work (photography, graphic design, videos, and even writing) but also learn - how those things need to be done to earn a business more money! You’ll develop an amazing portfolio of real results for real businesses that will make you irresistible to companies you want to work for in the future.

Open Gates Group has 10 business websites. You can make one yours!

Livestream Video Production Internship

Do you like video production, graphic design, and are you a friendly person?

Do you want to get some hands-on experience in the hot fields of livestream video, video conference, and podcast production? Do we have some cool projects for you!

In this internship you will get experience booking and training guests, designing graphics and promoting livestream shows, running a livestream studio during a show, and then all the post production editing and uses of video that make companies money long-term.

This is a field that is wide open right now - to start your own business or go to work with a company that will find your resume and portfolio irresistible.

This is one of the Livestream software studios you will use.

Regenerative Farming Internship

Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Farming & the Environment

Help save the planet while gaining experience in the hottest environmental field for businesses.

Learn cutting edge regenerative farming methods from the Savory Institute and connect with dozens of farms that are using them.

Create website and social media content for a Regenerative Organic Dairy brand and a new training and certification business we are developing. 

Boil complex topics down into simple (but fun and interesting) videos and graphics on social media. Produce livestreams and podcasts with experts in the field.

The possibilities for this internship are Planet Changing and Endless. You will work on real projects for real businesses that get real results and become irresistible to employers.

Discover how to save the planet and transfer your knowledge into actions that will change your life.